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Our Values

The following values outline the behavioural expectations that we have agreed to as a community which will be used to assist in developing and enhancing effective working relationships.


Accept people as they are, display kindness and sensitivity to them; striving to support those in need, no matter how distressed or disadvantaged.



Treat all people with care and acknowledge that each person is unique in the eyes of God, by recognising that everyone associated with us has diverse needs: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.


Excel in all that we do to positively promote the charity ministry in our society, by owning up to our mistakes and learning from the experience, being efficient and economical in the use and management of resources.



Create a culture of collaboration with gentleness as a sign that we value one another, by being open to the ideas and contributions of others, and by sharing information, knowledge and expertise with team members.


Value relationships that promote forgiveness and healing by caring for the poor, marginalised and disadvantaged with whom we come in contact.



Welcome people with kindness and do all that we can to assist them by treating everyone with courtesy and respect, creating an atmosphere of personal friendliness.


Uphold the worth and dignity of all people regardless of their circumstance by treating those we meet with respect, courtesy and sensitivity to foster trust.



Serve with modesty and believe that everything we have is a blessing from God, hence sharing what we have with others or serving disadvantaged people is one way of giving back.



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