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Nathalie Mai


Nathalie is grateful to have been born and raised in Australia, where she is able to embrace both the Australian and Vietnamese cultures. Nathalie is currently working as an Inventory clerk in the Department of Defence. In 2010, Nathalie became a language teacher at the Vietnamese Cultural Schools Association. Nathalie is passionate about her teaching as she believes it is important to preserve the language and culture for young Vietnamese Australians. Nathalie joined the Viet-Aust Bac Ai Association in 2014 with the passion for charity and community work and is committed to bringing her skills, experience and enthusiasm to help disadvantaged people across the world.

Ivy Tran

Vice President

At an early age, Ivy fled Vietnam with her family by boat and arrived at a refugee camp in 1989 where she lived for four years. During this time, she received first-hand experience of life’s hardships. For this reason, in 2007 Ivy joined a non profit organisation with the passion to support missionary work both in Australia and overseas. Ivy is currently working in finance and marketing. In 2012, Ivy enthusiastically became an office bearer with VABAA. She saw this as an opportunity for her to utilise her skills and knowledge to make a difference in society.

Van Vu


Van comes from an IT background. Van is grateful for everything he has in his life as he has witnessed so much suffering and helplessness from people around him. Joining VABAA is a stepping stone to achieve one of his life’s goal which is to serve something bigger than himself.

Quynh Nguyen


Quynh comes from an accounting background and has been working as a tax accountant in a public practice for over 10 years. He has been an enthusiastic volunteer for several Vietnamese charities and is also a member of the St Theresa’s Church choir. In 2013, Quynh became a member of VABAA and believes his commitment will make a difference to those less fortunate people.


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