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Amanda Dinh

Public Officer

Amanda is an employee of 15 years for NSW Government, Financial Management Team. She grew up in a well- cared, sheltered family that her everyday needs and education were not a concern. It was not until Amanda came across a news article about HIV infected babies in Vietnam, as well as being inspired and encouraged by her mother, Amanda embarked on a charity mission of her own and made three consecutive trips to Vietnam where she visited the Orphanage centre with HIV, Agent Orange, Disability and the Homeless & Aged centres and donated cash, food and personal hygiene items. These life changing experiences had not only helped Amanda to recognise her fortunate life, but also to repay the gift that God has given her by giving to others. Amanda joined VABAA in 2012 to continue her charity passion, and share common principle in life amongst other members, helping the disadvantaged people living in poverty and suffering.


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