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Ivy Tran


At an early age, Ivy fled Vietnam with her family by boat and arrived at a refugee camp in 1989 where she lived for four years. During this time, she received first-hand experience of life’s hardships. For this reason, in 2007 Ivy joined a non profit organisation with the passion to support missionary work both in Australia and overseas. Ivy is currently working in finance and marketing. In 2012, Ivy enthusiastically became an office bearer with VABAA. She saw this as an opportunity for her to utilise her skills and knowledge to make a difference in society.

Peter Doan

Vice-president Marketing & Communication

Peter is one of ten children in his family. He was born in a remote village in the East of Vietnam. His mother raised him and his sibblings in the Roman Catholic tradition. From his mother, he learnt to work diligently, have faith in God and act with compassion. Peter works as an Early Chidhood Educator. Working with children taught Peter to be patient, gentle and caring. He finds the children’s enthusiasm and love for learning infectious. Peter is also a music conductor for the Amazing Grace choir, a role which he relishes as he is very pasionate about music and anything artistic in nature. Above all, he feels that the choir enables him to connect with people whose souls are in sync with his own, who share the same faith and desire to serve God and their community through their songs and music. Peter believes that by being a part of VABAA, he is able to share God’s love and blessings to all those who are much less fortunate than himself.

Quynh Nguyen

Vice-president Financial & Operation

Quynh comes from an accounting background and has been working as a tax accountant in a public practice for over 10 years. He has been an enthusiastic volunteer for several Vietnamese charities and is also a member of the St Theresa’s Church choir. In 2013, Quynh became a member of VABAA and believes his commitment will make a difference to those less fortunate people.

Tung Pham

Mediator & Social Services

Tung came to Australia as a refugee and first found work in a factory, however with hard work and determination, he graduated from university and became a counsellor. For the past 16 years, Tung has been practicing as a Drug and Alcohol Counsellor, as well as a Senior Health Educator. With his insight into others’ suffering and hardship, especially those with mental illness, Tung has facilitated many therapeutic group treatment programs to help people from all walks of life. He has extreme confidence in VABAA’s managing team and believes that the association is a great initiative, a sign of appreciation and a practical way for any refugee to give back to the country that has given them so much. Tung hopes that through his work with VABAA he will be able to help others and make a difference in the world.

Nathalie Mai


Nathalie is grateful to be born and raised up in Australia, where she is able to embrace both the Australian and Vietnamese cultures. Nathalie is currently working as an Inventory clerk in the Logistics Support Branch. During this time, Nathalie has gained the skills and knowledge in logistics support, warehouse distribution, procurement and inventory management. Since 2011, Nathalie became a language teacher at the Vietnamese Cultural Schools Association. Nathalie is passionate about her teaching as she believes it is critical to preserve the language and culture for young Vietnamese Australians. Nathalie joined the Viet-Aus Bac Ai Association with the passion for charity and community work and is committed to bringing her skills, experience and enthusiasm to help disadvantaged people across the world.

Michael Tran


At the age of six, Michael fled Vietnam with his family by boat and arrived in Malaysia in 1989 where he stayed for 6 years in a refugee camp. Michael and his family arrived in Australia in 1995. Although Michael did not have any English speaking background, he managed to complete his High School Certificate in 2002 and went on to graduate from The University of Technology Sydney in 2006. After graduation Michael began employment with various Government agencies and is currently working as a Junior Project Manager. During this time, he has gained extensive knowledge and skills in Finance and Resource Management. Michael joined Viet-Aus Bac Ai Association in 2014 with the desire to help less fortunate and disadvantaged people in Australia and in overseas.

Amanda Dinh

Public Officer

Amanda is an employee of 15 years for NSW Government, Financial Management Team. She grew up in a well- cared, sheltered family that her everyday needs and education were not a concern. It was not until Amanda came across a news article about HIV infected babies in Vietnam, as well as being inspired and encouraged by her mother, Amanda embarked on a charity mission of her own and made three consecutive trips to Vietnam where she visited the Orphanage centre with HIV, Agent Orange, Disability and the Homeless & Aged centres and donated cash, food and personal hygiene items. These life changing experiences had not only helped Amanda to recognise her fortunate life, but also to repay the gift that God has given her by giving to others. Amanda joined VABAA in 2012 to continue her charity passion, and share common principle in life amongst other members, helping the disadvantaged people living in poverty and suffering.

Kim Ngan Nguyen

Administrative & Governance Advisor

Kim comes from a management and accounting background. For over 15 years she has been working as an auditor, business consultant, financial project coordinator, accountant or finance manager for various organisations, including international accounting firms, university and many international commercial corporations in diverse industries. Kim has been a volunteer for several local Vietnamese charities as well as Sydney Basket Brigade & Magic Moments. She believes that it is now time to consolidate all these skills and experiences to support VABAA in serving less privileged people. Kim is aware that her effort is like a drop of water in the ocean; however, if many people support this mission, together a long lasting ripple effect can be created.

Fr Liem Duong

Spiritual Advisor - Catholic Priest

Born on the 6th of June 1976 in Vinh Long Vietnam, Fr Liem Duong came to Australia in May 1992 with family and has resided in Sydney since then.

He was accepted by the late Cardinal Edward Clancy and entered the Seminary of the Good Shepherd in 2000.

Bishop Julian Porteous (now Archbishop of Hobart Tamania) ordain him as Deacon on the 24th September 2005.

Appointed by Cardinal Pell to work and live at Saint Mary’s Cathedral Sydney, on 19th of August 2006 the Cardinal ordained Fr Liem Duong and appointed him as an Assistant Priest as well as the Master of Ceremony for the Cardinal.

He graduated with a Bachelor and Master of Theology at Theological College of Sydney.

In January 2009, the Cardinal appointed Father Liem Duong as an assistant priest at Sacred Heart Cabramatta, where he is actively involved with the youth ministry and does work for the Archdiocese of Sydney.

In February 2014 before the Cardinal left for Rome, he appointed Father Liem Duong as a Senior Chaplain to the Vietnamese Catholic Community, one of the largest ethnic community in the Archdiocese of Sydney.


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