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Governance Report

It is VABAAs second year of operation, after its formal launch to the community in April 2013 and we continue to work enthusiastically together, extending our networks to reach out and serve the disadvantaged people in various nations around us. As of now, VABAA has already contributed to projects or made donations to help children (especially orphanages), the elderly and victims of natural disasters or catastrophes in Australia, Vietnam, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia and the Philippines.

To ensure that VABAA has all the essential skills to operate successfully and continuously grow, it has gathered members from various backgrounds specialising in social services, accounting, management, information technology, banking, graphic design & marketing, commerce, business analysis and health. All office bearers and committee members involved with VABAA work on voluntary basis, on average about 3-5 hours per week on week nights or weekend. Hence 100% of donations received go directly into charity projects in accordance with VABAAs mission. Also with the goal of nurturing great leaders for VABAA in the future, as well as to encourage new ideas into the operation to enhance continuous improvement and growth, VABAAs office bearers work on a rotational basis.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all founder office bearers and members who have been working really hard in the last two years as well as external professionals who have contributed your specialised skills during the establishment stage so that VABAA can be where it is today. I also would like to express my gratitude to all our volunteers and sponsors who have continuously supported VABAA with their time, spirit or finance, so that together we can reach out our loving arms to lift up the disadvantaged people around us.

There is still a lot to be done, yet our skills, time and finance are limited, hence VABAA is longing to welcome more members and volunteers who support our mission. VABAA would also like to receive the continuous support from all our financial sponsors so that we can have more charity projects in the years to come.

Now I would like to step back in the advisory role and would like to wish our new president Ivy Tran and new office bearers all the very best with their leadership of VABAA in the coming period


Kim Ngan Nguyen
Founder president 2012-2014
Administrative and governance advisor from 2014



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