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If you would like to make a donation to help the seriously disadvantaged people in order to relieve their poverty, suffering, misfortune and helplessness, please use the following methods:

  • If you prefer to give to VABAA by sending a check, please print this form and send along with your gift to: 

    • VABAA Admin 
      6 Pylara Place
      Busby NSW 2168 Australia

  • If you prefer to use Direct Bank Deposit, please donate your money to the following account:

    • Bank Name: ANZ
    • Account Name: Viet-Aust Bac Ai Association
    • BSB: 012-253
    • Account Number: 2666 87807

  • If you prefer to make your donation over the phone, please call:

    • 1300 135 297

Disclaimer: Viet-Aust Bac Ai Association Inc. is currently not a Deductible Gift Recipient.


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