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Become a Volunteer

Thank you for viewing this page. VABAA hopes that you can support us with some of our work to assist disadvantaged individuals. Are you able to help us with some of our planned activities and programs for this year and the next year?

You can support us by becoming a volunteer and anyone can be a volunteer. A volunteer is a person who gives his or her knowledge, time and skills to assist VABAA teams.

Would you like to be a volunteer?

Please click here to register your details, especially your availability.

A senior person asked us this question:

"I am a pensioner. I don’t have much money to be a sponsor and I am not physical fit enough to be a volunteer, yet I want to contribute something to VABAA. What can I do to help?"

We believe that you can help us with your wisdom, experiences, encouragement, good word of mouth, prayers and anything else that you can do to support us.

We value all your contributions, regardless of your age and experience, as without your help VABAA could not provide the range of programs and services we indicated in our mission.

Please contact information officer info@vabaa.org.au for further information on how you become a sponsor or a volunteer.


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