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Flood in Quang Ninh

Project Summary

VABAA is delighted to announce that yesterday's Fundraising event at Phở Vy and Vy Vy Garden cafe was a huge success! Our team worked so well together, learning on the job as quickly as we could and served the customers with big friendly smiles and enthusiasm. Both lunch and dinner services were extremely busy, at times chaotic but we were unstoppable! After a long day running around, we raised $6500! Such an amazing result for everyone's incredible efforts!

Thank you so much chị Vy and anh Thành from Phở Vy/Vy Vy Garden for giving us the opportunity to collaborate for this meaningful fundraiser and for your tremendous generosity. Also, a big humongous thank you to our fantastic community, family and friends who came to eat and drink and donate to our event, thank you so much for your support and for helping us raise much needed funds for the victims of the flood affected Quảng Ninh region

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