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Church restoration from Typhoon Yolanda in Philippines

Project Summary

The funds were used for restoring the roofing of the Parish church damaged by typhoon Yolanda, the expenses incurred during the repairs include materials, labouring, freight and handling.

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Dear Fr Liem, 

Please find enclosed thank you letter from Parish Priest of Immaculate Conception in Omoc City, Philippines where I went there for relief effort mission in November last year. 

Thank you very much for assisting me with the church's roof renovation project in Omoc City. Could you please pass on to your charity organisation my sincerely thanks & appreciation. Especially, from the people of Immaculate Conception Parish in Philippines. They said to me "They don't know what to say how much they appreciated our kindness & generosity". They said, "They will pray for us and the people from Australia who helping them whenever they come to Church". 

Once again thank you very much for your friendship and kindness. Please continue to pray for me as I am currently at sea to do the Sovereign Border Protections operation in particularly with helping the asylum seekers. 

Your fraternally, 


Fr Thi Lam 

Tel: +61409170797 


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