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Disadvantage youth in Philippines

Project Summary

VABAA readily supported the educational needs of the disadvantaged youth in the Philippines as they are the “hope” for the local community. The funds have been used in a variety of ways such as meal expenses when they attend activities and to help buy materials such as crayons, paper etc. to be used during their outreach activities with the young children in the local community.


Date: Tue, 13 May 2014 15:25:41 +0800

From: jamesmctavishfmvd@yahoo.co.uk

To: amss_aust@hotmail.com

Subject: Thanks from Fr James, Philippines


Dear Thi Lai,


Greetings from Philippines!


Yes we received safely the donation. Sorry for not being in touch sooner as I am on retreat for 2 weeks and just managed to check email today.


Thank you so much for the very kind donation. I will be in touch with how we will be using the funds to help the disadvantaged youth here.


God bless you!


Fr James



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