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Annual Fundraising Dinner

VABAA’s annual fundraising dinner for 2015 occurred on Friday, 16th October at Crystal Palace Seafood Restaurant & Function Centre. With over 650 guests, it was one of our biggest fundraisers. The theme chosen for the event was “Sound of love” which was both meaningful in spreading the message of love to the world as well as incorporate the theme into stage decorations and the spectacular entertainment program, filled with powerful love ballads and upbeat and youthful songs about love.

The year 2015 marked a special anniversary for Vietnamese Australians, it was the 40th anniversary of Vietnamese settlement in Australia after the Vietnam War. To commemorate this event and as a token of appreciation to this great country, the focus of our fundraising dinner was to donate to non profit organisation RACS that provides free legal assistance to refugees and asylum seekers. The total donation VABAA made to RACS came to $30,000.00

As the dinner went on, our guests enjoyed a delectable 6 course seafood banquet while enjoying non stop singing and dance performances on stage. Some of the guests’ highlighted a few favourite moments during the night including the theatrical and comedic musical song/dance that brought laughter to the whole audience as well as the popular complimentary dessert table organised as a special treat for our guests.

Overall, the fundraising dinner was a success in bringing our guests a wonderfully entertaining night as well as raise funds for a great cause. The total donation collected on the night came to $

We are so proud to have achieved a successful fundraising event and look forward to seeing you at our next Annual Fundraiser Dinner on Friday September 9th! See you there for another magnificent night of good food, great entertainment and a wonderfully meaningful cause.

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